Eser Açıklaması

A- 3 phases of a relationship between two limbos.
/ B- The lockdown series was sketched during the first COVID lockdown when the whole world was feeling boxed in in their homes. This pandemic has forced us to redefine our relationship with that space. What was once a safe space from the outside world, turned into a prison cell for some. /
C- Same description as B
D- A Limbo buried in limbs
E- This was the last drawing I did before leaving Lebanon. These past 2 years have been destructive on so many levels for the community in Beirut. Depression, anxiety and hopelessness have crushed us into tiny little "safe" holes with no perspective for a future in the country that we have invested so much in.

Eserin Adı

A- Relationship limbos series / B- Lockdown Limbos / C- Lockdown Limbo sculpture / D- Limbo 060 / E- Limbo 045


100x70 CM

Üretim Yılı

A- 2022 / B- 2022 / C- 2022 / D- 2022 / E-2021

Katıldığı Eser Sayısı



A & C - ceramic glazed sculptures / B D & E- Digital drawing


A- 1- sold 2- 3000TL 3- 3000TL / B- 500TL / C- 2500TL / D- 350 TL / E- 350 TL

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